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la la la.

a few updates (if anyone even reads this anymore):

-still working at kramer. i like it a lot.
-i now host brunches on saturday. this rules because it's easy and i don't have to dress like a tool.
-i am serving again at the reef... i'll be back thursday (tomorrow.)
-tom is finally gone. i'm trying desperately to get rid of the smell of cigarettes & astroglide.
-sarah (who bartends at kramer) is going to replace the former roomie. we spent last night decorating and watching family guy and drinking red wine.
-my fuck VD boozer is less than a week away. anyone of you LJ kids going to show up? (not that i'm holding my breath.)
-sundays at lush (first floor lounge in the reef) are back on (me DJing bad 80s, katherine screaming along and bartending.) a name for the night will come soon, along with artwork for a mini-poster to be hung around the reef.

life is starting to make sense and go (somewhat) smoothly again.
it's about fucking time...
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