the poorly documented misadventures of joshua. (electroclashed) wrote,
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a few things, in no order...

-mewkiss is gone. despite our differences, i kind of miss him. he would always wake me up in the morning.
-i will be DJing at asylum this tuesday. working for them is fun so far.
-february 13th, i have two bands booked. there is a chance the lead singer of one of the bands may be in jail... let us all hope things go well for him.
-i gave my shitty roommate until the end of the month to move out. i have a girl who wants to move in, but i am starting to reconsider. she's kind of a mess, and i am trying to phase people like that out of my life. it's grow-up time for me.
-working at 1223 is... interesting.
-kramer is going well. pretty simple table-waiting stuff.
-i am always tired. it sucks... but, at the same time, it's kind of satisfying.
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