the poorly documented misadventures of joshua. (electroclashed) wrote,
the poorly documented misadventures of joshua.

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hook meets pencil.

so thanksgiving was nice.
lots of food and wine with the fam.
we all watched 'ice age,' and actually found it funny thanks to our food comas.
later, erika picked me up and we came to her mother's place in annapolis for a night of red wine, tequila, and 'strangeland.'
this is the drunkest i think i've ever seen her. it was cute. i threw up (secretly.)

now she is with her grandmummy and i am at her house hanging out until she gets back.
i have mikey b dean's number and now he is harassing him. loves it.

tonight is dean's birthday party.
i really want his friends to come out and dance with him.
it's the first birthday party he's had since i've known him. he's always off in the carolinas or hiding with lindsay somewhere.
it'll mean a lot to him to see his friends. do it... or you suck. like, beyond redemption.

anyway. la la la. other things to do besides LJ. bye-ee.
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