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so liz and i went to see saw 3 yesterday.
this is by far the most violent movie i've ever seen... like, worse than hellraiser 2 violoent and gory. but we decided that we were more genuinely disturbed by texas chainsaw massacre: the beginning. some of those contraptions in saw 3 were so over the top, it was hard not to just be like "oh, come on." it did, however, deliver on several gruesome gore scenes... we definitely did our knee-slappy, screech-heavy horror movie freak-outs. it was fun. not a happy ending, either.

i was up early this morning, and then took a nap at about 5:45 pm... this turned into a pass out, and i woke up at 1:15 am. now my sleep schedule is all fucked up again. i decided to utilize this partial insomnia by smoking a big, greasy resin ball and completely cleaning my apartment. 3 loads of laundry. furniture moving. the whole nine. it feels nice... i have been gone for a month house sitting.

this brings me to my next subject... madeline wants me to house sit again. i should do it because it's easy money, but it's also exhausting. those cats are like people. i hate them. they poop on my pillow and pee in my duffel bag. assholes.

i contacted greg at the green lantern... i am going to start doing a few barbacking shifts there again. the reef isn't giving me much work, and i know the lantern is struggling to hang on to their barbacks. i also kind of miss it... there were problems, but they were so minor in retrospect. it was easy money and it was, for the most part, a lot of fun. i have yet to talk to anyone at asylum... i'm doubting how much i actually want to work there. everything in adams morgan is so tight-knit. i feel like such the outlander.

tom is DJing with me tomorrow night... i guess dean's going to joanna newsom (gay.) then, on the 24th, i'm hosting a birthday riff raff for dean and liz r. my friend lloyd from new york is coming to DJ the party... should be a good time. lloyd's a very talented, very high-paid, real DJ. he heatmatches his vinyl and all of that. dean and i will also be DJing a strictly punk and metal night at asylum on tuesday, november 28th. come check it out.
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