the poorly documented misadventures of joshua. (electroclashed) wrote,
the poorly documented misadventures of joshua.

spanish people are hard to understand.

so... i still have to fix my front door. for the time being, the steel gate is keeping things secure. i still haven't gotten an estimate on what the new door will cost me. i need some help. i am semi-retarded.

the holidays are among us and, although i like being warm and snuggly with family, eating amazing amounts of delicious food, and spending time with friends who are home from school, i also hate being alone. this time also reminds me of a certain time in my life three years ago that i still hold on to even now. it's pathetic, but it's not something i can control. damn the man.

friday is dean and liz's birthday at riff raff. if you don't come, you are a bad friend.

i had a job interview in georgetown today. snotty retail ooh. i'd like to get it, but a part of me feels like i won't, and that same part of me is also a bit relieved. this is not to say i didn't turn on the charm and try my hardest to impress without seeming like i was trying very hard. you know how it goes.
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