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sex with nepalese children.   
10:20pm 22/08/2007
  i totally forgot about this site.

nothing's changed, i see.
now time.   
03:45am 20/04/2007
  new song. (on myspace.)

new parties... the return of josh and dean.
a lot is being planned for the summer...

don't forget: june 10th is my birthday.
watch for a party saturday, june 9th...
some special shit at midnight.
hum wum.   
11:43am 18/02/2007
  -serving at the reef
-serving and bartending at kramer
-about to do security for the reef
-djing a cowboy-themed lesbian birthday party tonight in adams morgan
-the fuck valentine's day boozer was awesome
-everyone looks forward to the next thing i throw

i got drunk last night.
things are hard to do today.
i love having sunday as my day off.
la la la.   
09:23pm 07/02/2007
  a few updates (if anyone even reads this anymore):

-still working at kramer. i like it a lot.
-i now host brunches on saturday. this rules because it's easy and i don't have to dress like a tool.
-i am serving again at the reef... i'll be back thursday (tomorrow.)
-tom is finally gone. i'm trying desperately to get rid of the smell of cigarettes & astroglide.
-sarah (who bartends at kramer) is going to replace the former roomie. we spent last night decorating and watching family guy and drinking red wine.
-my fuck VD boozer is less than a week away. anyone of you LJ kids going to show up? (not that i'm holding my breath.)
-sundays at lush (first floor lounge in the reef) are back on (me DJing bad 80s, katherine screaming along and bartending.) a name for the night will come soon, along with artwork for a mini-poster to be hung around the reef.

life is starting to make sense and go (somewhat) smoothly again.
it's about fucking time...
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03:03am 26/01/2007
  captain foreskin calls me pathetic.
how patheitic is it to send me text messages at 1 in the morning calling me pathetic? especially when our drama is so 2005... life is hard when you're bored, crazy, and of rich parents.
yeah buddy.   
06:47pm 23/01/2007
05:59pm 22/01/2007
  a few things, in no order...

-mewkiss is gone. despite our differences, i kind of miss him. he would always wake me up in the morning.
-i will be DJing at asylum this tuesday. working for them is fun so far.
-february 13th, i have two bands booked. there is a chance the lead singer of one of the bands may be in jail... let us all hope things go well for him.
-i gave my shitty roommate until the end of the month to move out. i have a girl who wants to move in, but i am starting to reconsider. she's kind of a mess, and i am trying to phase people like that out of my life. it's grow-up time for me.
-working at 1223 is... interesting.
-kramer is going well. pretty simple table-waiting stuff.
-i am always tired. it sucks... but, at the same time, it's kind of satisfying.
fuck you...   
07:01am 25/12/2006
  toniamonster: dean loves you back but is more dedicated to being a heartbreaker than ever being happy
toniamonster: you know this
toniamonster: i know this
toniamonster: dean knows this

toniamonster: the last time i saw you you were too hot to handle

...for real this time.
you pushed my head down...   
12:53am 25/12/2006
  afitofrivalry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6c69eSdVVU
afitofrivalry: THE ROOOTS OF USSSSS
To Neon Zoo: pretty much

oh, and that idiot of a self absorbed hypocrite ruined a fourth christmas in a row.
gotta love, at this point, being laughed at by my family and best girlfriends because i've basically allowed this bullshit for so long.

"we've all been waiting for you to wise up."
thanks, babe. worklin' on it.

fucking liar.
about everything. and everyone.
we/they all know it, too.
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blah blah.   
09:22pm 19/12/2006
  mewkiss isn't working out. he needs to be out of here as soon as possible.

if not, i'll just get rid of him. fuck that asshole of a cat.

no comments necessary... i check this gay website like once a month.
i just figured this was the best way to get the word out.

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12:39pm 11/12/2006
  so an update, i guess...

-riff raff is still doing well. i love everyone for coming a lot. hope you have as much fun as we fags do.
-ended up as coco's bitch last night, passing out gwen stefani cds and dvds at her command during her drag show at chloe for the gwen release party. ew.
-so stoned.
-coco let me borrow her shoes to practice for my upcoming, unscheduled debut. my ankles fucking hurt. i'm even wearing them now.

that's right...
ladies and gentlemen, i am in stiletto mode. 4 inch, silver glitter, steel heeled super stilettos are in full effect. drunken fractured pictures coming soon.

-saw GWAR for the third time last night. good shit. dean, angela, and luanne left early. lame-oes. (oh, and pee ess... i know her name is leanne. i just like luanne a lot more. no offense to her. she's really nice and awesome. i just want to call her luanne because that name makes people smile. not that leanne doesn't. i just... fuck. never mind.)
-i am bartending at the jordan embassy this tuesday. don't ask. kiki is doing it with me. sweet. we have to be all formal and pretend to know things about politics. my mom's connections are fun!
-got a new front door at a salvage warehouse in bladensburg. that place fucking ruled. fun times with mumsy and daddiekins.
-several jobs. barback at the lantern. server at kramer. occasional server at the reef. dj at cosmo, black cat, asylum, lush, and some new place this christmas with chinese tom (i know he's korean or whatever... i just like to call him chinese tom because it makes me smile.)
-i'm also supposed to start promoting for this gay media company, and i still have to call the guy at the ottobar to DJ metal mondays. he's into the riff raff concept and thinks me and dean will make a nice addition.

stiletto pumps in the club (yay-urh.)
hook meets pencil.   
12:38pm 24/11/2006
  so thanksgiving was nice.
lots of food and wine with the fam.
we all watched 'ice age,' and actually found it funny thanks to our food comas.
later, erika picked me up and we came to her mother's place in annapolis for a night of red wine, tequila, and 'strangeland.'
this is the drunkest i think i've ever seen her. it was cute. i threw up (secretly.)

now she is with her grandmummy and i am at her house hanging out until she gets back.
i have mikey b dean's number and now he is harassing him. loves it.

tonight is dean's birthday party.
i really want his friends to come out and dance with him.
it's the first birthday party he's had since i've known him. he's always off in the carolinas or hiding with lindsay somewhere.
it'll mean a lot to him to see his friends. do it... or you suck. like, beyond redemption.

anyway. la la la. other things to do besides LJ. bye-ee.
november 2003...   
02:22pm 22/11/2006
  ...the best and the worst.Collapse )  
spanish people are hard to understand.   
01:41pm 22/11/2006
  so... i still have to fix my front door. for the time being, the steel gate is keeping things secure. i still haven't gotten an estimate on what the new door will cost me. i need some help. i am semi-retarded.

the holidays are among us and, although i like being warm and snuggly with family, eating amazing amounts of delicious food, and spending time with friends who are home from school, i also hate being alone. this time also reminds me of a certain time in my life three years ago that i still hold on to even now. it's pathetic, but it's not something i can control. damn the man.

friday is dean and liz's birthday at riff raff. if you don't come, you are a bad friend.

i had a job interview in georgetown today. snotty retail ooh. i'd like to get it, but a part of me feels like i won't, and that same part of me is also a bit relieved. this is not to say i didn't turn on the charm and try my hardest to impress without seeming like i was trying very hard. you know how it goes.
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blah bler.   
05:20am 17/11/2006
  so liz and i went to see saw 3 yesterday.
this is by far the most violent movie i've ever seen... like, worse than hellraiser 2 violoent and gory. but we decided that we were more genuinely disturbed by texas chainsaw massacre: the beginning. some of those contraptions in saw 3 were so over the top, it was hard not to just be like "oh, come on." it did, however, deliver on several gruesome gore scenes... we definitely did our knee-slappy, screech-heavy horror movie freak-outs. it was fun. not a happy ending, either.

i was up early this morning, and then took a nap at about 5:45 pm... this turned into a pass out, and i woke up at 1:15 am. now my sleep schedule is all fucked up again. i decided to utilize this partial insomnia by smoking a big, greasy resin ball and completely cleaning my apartment. 3 loads of laundry. furniture moving. the whole nine. it feels nice... i have been gone for a month house sitting.

this brings me to my next subject... madeline wants me to house sit again. i should do it because it's easy money, but it's also exhausting. those cats are like people. i hate them. they poop on my pillow and pee in my duffel bag. assholes.

i contacted greg at the green lantern... i am going to start doing a few barbacking shifts there again. the reef isn't giving me much work, and i know the lantern is struggling to hang on to their barbacks. i also kind of miss it... there were problems, but they were so minor in retrospect. it was easy money and it was, for the most part, a lot of fun. i have yet to talk to anyone at asylum... i'm doubting how much i actually want to work there. everything in adams morgan is so tight-knit. i feel like such the outlander.

tom is DJing with me tomorrow night... i guess dean's going to joanna newsom (gay.) then, on the 24th, i'm hosting a birthday riff raff for dean and liz r. my friend lloyd from new york is coming to DJ the party... should be a good time. lloyd's a very talented, very high-paid, real DJ. he heatmatches his vinyl and all of that. dean and i will also be DJing a strictly punk and metal night at asylum on tuesday, november 28th. come check it out.
12:13pm 15/11/2006
  someone who loves me should order me this.
it has the funky disco theme from part 3.
i love you.

item number: 120052591986.

a few other things i need.Collapse )
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beef assault.   
02:52pm 14/11/2006
  i came to brooklyn on a whim saturday night for veronica's birthday.
it was very enjoyable... dancing with veronica. sunday brunch at dumont. drinking with lacey. old friends at trash bar. jayna and zahra (separetely due to fighting- not in that lesbian way. ew. in the roommate way.) movie night with wy wy. a gay underground magazine party at supreme trading (which i expected to suck it totally didn't, thank goodess.) as perfect as i expected (and needed.) to anyone i forgot to call, i'm sorry. i posted that i was coming on gayspace and then ran free. i blame you.

i'll be back, though.
new developments are developing.

04:37am 14/11/2006
  the song on my myspace page was written about me by a mister g. styles.

i wowed him with my booty shorts and hair metal DJing last march in houston.

listen and love.

...and not just a black man.   
05:30am 13/11/2006
  fucking amazing.Collapse )  
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for real.   
09:41pm 12/11/2006
  dude. so much laughing.Collapse )  
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